June 13, 2013

SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 Hits the Shelves

Superman Unchained Number 1In conjunction with the 75th birthday of Superman and the release of the new movie, MAN OF STEEL, Jim Lee decided to do something special with this issue of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1, written Scott Snyder. You may have noticed a $4.99 price tag and a little something extra in the middle. That’s a fold out poster crammed in there and it’s caused a little bit of mumbling from some. One gripe is the fact that the poster has two sides. If that wasn’t bad enough, those sides are actually part of the story. So if you want to be able to read the story later on, you have to leave it in the book. Another gripe is if you want to hang the poster, you have to figure out which side, then decide if you want to pay another $4.99 to get another copy just so you can read the comic later.

From a marketing view, good job. You might sell a few extra copies from those that want to hang the poster or just not ruin their collectable by reading it. From a creative point, I get it. It’s a one-of-a-kind idea and I like it. From the collector point of view, I might have to buy another copy.

What’s your take on it? Did you buy another copy? Do folks have a reason to gripe? Let me know what you think?

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