February 21, 2020

Back to Blogger

It was this day one year ago that we announced the closing of A Galaxy Called Dallas Comics. I swore that it was "see you later" and not "good-bye" and I still feel that way. In the last year, I've struggled with deciding how I wanted to organize my post-shop online life and have hit a few bumps and am ready to adjust again.

I thought I'd try something new by going to Wordpress.com but it just doesn't feel comfortable when I'm creating content and so now I'm moving back to Blogger (Google). It's where A Galaxy Called Dallas started as a hobby blog 11 years ago and it's where I feel comfortable. As I transition over, you'll see some posts from the past year being reposted on the Blogger account and maybe they'll look better this time.

I'm still Galactic Daddy and as such, you'll see posts that pertain to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond, as well as post that pertain to me personally and my Geek roots.

As always, if you have any suggestions or thoughts of things you'd like to see on the page do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always listening.