March 8, 2020

The Importance of Reading

No one will openly proclaim that reading isn't beneficial but we tend to not exercise our ability to read enough. I come from a long line of readers and have gotten my kid into the habit of reading, but I've also fallen into the realm of using the electronic devices as a baby-sitting tool to my chagrin.

At first, I used the excuse that it was to help her get over her mother's death, by providing her with a tablet that had photos, videos and other reminders of her mother. As she got older, she played games and I was pretty good about making sure that they were educational.

Now, I've reaped what I have sown and she watches endless Youtube videos of mind-numbing claptrap. I've taken to using Google Family Link to limit her time on the apps and devices in general. I've also set up reading times every afternoon to keep her brain active. Hopefully, I can get her to a point where she will start to manage her time by herself and not need me to do it for her.

What have you done to wean your child from their devices or did you ever have this problem? What apps or tips would you suggest to help those of us in the midst of trying to get the kids away from their electronics?

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