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Dallas Fan Days is Coming!

MSDICPI EC008Dallas Fan Days is just a little over a week away and you can already feel the excitement in the air! With a list of guests that will make the fattest wallet deflate in no time, some decisions will have to be made. VIP tickets have sold out, and though I’m not bragging, I’ve got mine. What remains to be seen is whether it’s worth it.

While I could go on and on about who I want to meet, I want to give a heads up on who has cancelled. We will be missing Carrie Fisher, Dave Prowse, and John Rhys Davies. They all will attempt to reschedule some time in the future.

I will give you my top four celebs that I want to meet.

  1. Ron Perlman – My first recollection of Ron Perlman was the movie ICE PIRATES with Robert Urich. In fact, this movie had a ton of great actors in it.
  2. John Barrowman – I had seen Barrowman on DOCTOR WHO and heard that there was a spin-off. The first episode I watched was “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” and the fight scene sealed it . . . with a kiss? ! ? !
  3. Anthony Daniels – Who can pass up a chance to talk with the man who brings the World’s Greatest Protocol Droid to life?
  4. Shelley Duvall – BERNICE BOBS HER HAIR. This is where I was first introduced to Shelley Duvall. It was a TV movie, don’t know why I watched it, but I definitely remember her character. THE SHINING and POPEYE followed four years later.
  5. Katee Sackhoff – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (NEW) or BIONIC WOMAN or even as Howard’s self-love interest on BIG BANG THEORY, she’s beautiful and talented. If you haven’t seen RIDDICK yet, then check it out, because she kicks butt!

I may even have to get Jon Heder to autograph a book for me. The movie BUDDY HOLLY IS A LIVE AND WELL ON GANYMEDE, named after the book by Bradley Denton, is in production. Well, it’s been there since about 2009, but they do now have a website for it and a trailer. So, hopefully, it will come to fruition pretty soon.

Here’s the link to Dallas Fan Days. Plan carefully folks, there are a lot of things to do and see. Choose wisely.

Who or what are you looking forward to at Dallas Fan Days?