April 22, 2009

Free Comic Book Day May 2, 2009

Remember the first time you peeled back the cover of a comic book and drooled at the thought of what lay ahead? Yeah, you got bit and you loved it. Even if you don't still read them today, you remember it. You may have graduated to other books, but you still like to read and that is what Free Comic Day is all about. It's all about putting an end to illiteracy by getting a kid to read a comic book. You have to admit they are more colorful than a book without pictures.

Free Comic Book Day is the first day in May when comic book stores across America give away comic books absolutely free. Of course, there are guidelines. You didn't think they were just gonna throw their stock away did you? Contact your local comic book shop to get the lowdown. I'm currently aware of Boomerang Comics near where I live. Just click on there name in the previous sentence and find out what they've got going on or you can click on "Free Comic Book Day". Here is a video of Hugh Jackman talking about the day and his trailer for Wolverine.

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