May 8, 2009

Review: Star Trek viewing courtesy of Boomerang Comics

Okay, let me start by stating that I don't normally do reviews. In fact, this is not a review, but an opinion. All opinions are welcome. I've probably seen most, if not all, of the original series. I was in the Navy when "Next Generation" came out and we didn't get much TV in the middle of the ocean. The 12 years that I dj'ed, I didn't watch much TV either. I'm a casual Star Trek fan. I've read some of the books, but not enough to know the entire ST time line.

So, my opinion of the movie is going to differ from the person who has all the series on DVD, read every book, has played the games, and even has a few tribbles running around their house. So, again, if you thought that the writers deviated from the time line or you didn't like the actor choices, that is your opinion. Let me have it. But, please do not put someone down for their opinion or argue with them about why they are so totally stupid for feeling a certain way. That's just impolite and the refuge of the ignorant. Or something like that.

So on with my opinion.

THIS MOVIE WAS FREAKING AWESOME! Okay, no more caps. Like I said, I'm a casual Trekkie. So, it might be pretty easy to impress me. I was a little skeptical with the choices of actors. I'm not too familiar with the them except Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg. During the first 30 minutes I still had those reservations but after the story starting revealing itself, I was hooked on them. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg were spot on as Bones and Scotty. In fact, they were probably my favorites.

What helped make those characters so great was the writing. The play between all of the characters was remarkable and made me fall in love with everyone all over again. The relationship between Spock and Uhura was a little strange, but again I'm not fully aware of the history that may have been revealed in print or other sources. But that doesn't mean that I didn't like it. To me, it helped reveal the emotional struggle that Spock was dealing with and I like that.

The cinematography was astounding. The signature J. J. Abrams frantic camera work was not overdone as it has been known to be in other works. The ship-to-ship combat was also incredible, so much so, it actually felt like an old WWII dogfight in spots.

And last but not least. Spock. Nuff said about that.

Here's a link for some great trivia courtesy of Enjoy.

Please let me know what you thought of the movie. Do you agree with actor choice, or, was the events at the academy a little skewed? Tell me about it. Post them here or email me at

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