May 2, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine Event with Boomerang Comics

Well, a great time was had by all. I have to give a big attaboy to Neal Rhone over at Boomerang for a fun event. If you missed it, there will be other movies and other opportunities. Neal will often rent out a theater at the Lewisville Studio Movie Grill and then you purchase tickets through him. About thirty minutes before the event he'll have trivia contests, costume contests, or giveaways so you get your moneys worth.

Friday night was the opening weekend showing of X-men Origins: Wolverine and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got there about forty minutes before the movie and most of the seats were already taken. We found a place to sit and ordered food and drinks. I got a chance to listen to conversations around me and now have new topics to research for future posts. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring flyers and business cards but I won't next week when we go see Star Trek. You think after 20 years of promotions and marketing I would bring my "A" game.

Neal offered up some trivia questions for some great swag, but it seems that the hardcore Wolverine fans either were not there or the questions were just super-duper tough. Fortunately, the answers were close enough to get winners. Next week at the Star Trek show there will be a costume contest, so get your gear together. I'm just gonna wear a red shirt. Nuff said.

I'll be honest with you, I don't do reviews. I don't usually listen to other people's reviews. I don't care to hear what some stuffed shirt has to say about a genre of movie that he doesn't like in the first place, and people don't want to hear my opinion about a movie either. I've heard so many people who thought the writing stunk, or the effects were not up to par and on that I can agree to a certain extent. But, on a whole, the movie was great. I'm not a Wolverine historian and to those who aren't either, well, I think that you will enjoy very well.

If you got a chance to attend the Boomerang event, tell me what you thought about it, and if you saw the movie, give me your take on that. Later, James.

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