May 4, 2009


Was tripping around my google reader and came across some wonderful tidbits
for you folks. Dvice which is powered by SciFi posted this late entry into their art
contest. It's the best of two worlds, kinda like chocolate and peanut butter.

The fine people over at Geeks of Doom have found a hitchhiker
on a mission. It would seem that Mathias-Emanuel Hartmann is
thumbing his way to the graveside of Douglas Adams, the man
that warned us to "Don't Panic." Over 1200km, he will attempt
to arrive by May 11th, what would have been Mr. Adam's
57th birthday. And in true fashion, he'll travel with only a coat,
a copy of the "guide" and a towel.

Wolfen Moondaughter, not her given name, has written this in-depth review
of the new Wolverine movie on Pink Raygun. When I say "in-depth", I'm serious.
It's a great read for someone like me who isn't totally up on the Wolverine
background. Lots of great information.

Shaun Clayton waxes comedic about the top 10 most shameful dice
to ever grace a tabletop. Check out the link at Topless Robot and weigh
in on your favorites.

And last, but not least, the website "Looking For Group." I "wasted about
an hour reading the comic and am determined to catch up to the present panel.
Not only is it funny, but it gives me ideas for future characters.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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