January 22, 2010

Star Wars Literature – Where to start

HanSoloLosthc I’ve read some of the old SW novels but after I joined the Navy, I didn’t really have time for it. Now, that I’m reliving my second childhood (or going through a mid-life crisis. However you wanna look at it,) I’ve decided to try to get back in there. I remember reading the original movie books and then picked up the Han Solo novels, “Han Solo at Stars’ End” and “Han Solo and the Lost Legacy.” I figured if I was gonna start reading them again, I might as well start at the beginning, but where the heck was the beginning?Stars_End_cover



After a little research, I found three pretty good sites. The first is the Star Wars Wiki, Wookiepedia. Covers everything and even includes some future product. It’s color-coded to let you know if the book is adult, young adult, e-book, or unpublished. You have to go to other links to get comics and other stories but all-in-all pretty good.

The next link is from Del Rey. Clicking this link will take you to the home page but if you notice the menu across the banner at the top, it says “Star Wars Timeline.” Click this and it will pull up a two page pdf for printing. It only shows the books, not e-books or comics, though it might at a later time. This comes in handy though, because you can print it out and go to your local bookstore and get the next one in line.

And last but not least, is a website out of the UK called Star Wars Books. Not only do they have timelines for each of the story arcs, including comics, they also carry news and interviews in the Star Wars literary universe.

I’m confident that with these sites, I will not get lost or confused and can read from beginning to end or jump in at any story arc and enjoy myself. Though, when I look at how many books are out there, it seem a little daunting. Anyone claim to have read all of them or even come close? Which ones were your favorites or not-so-favorites?

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