December 12, 2012

ALAS, BABYLON to be Discussed by Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club

The Lewisville Science Fiction Book Club will be meeting to discuss Pat Frank’s novel, Alas, Babylon on Friday December 14, 2012. They will be meeting in their usual spot at the IHOP at I-35 and Round Grove Road. They will also be picking titles for the next six months, so feel free to bring book suggestions, if you have them.

Pat Frank, born Harry Hart Frank, was a newspaperman and government consultant in addition to being an author. He served on the Democratic National Committee and was a consultant to the National Aeronautics and Space Council, as well as, the Department of Defense.

Alas, Babylon is the story of a small Florida community dealing with the problems that follow a nuclear war. Written in 1959, it has been a best-seller ever since and still ranks high on many lists. It has, also, gone on to influence many authors. David Brin cites it as having an effect on his own book, The Postman, and William R. Forstchen credits it with helping him flesh out Black Mountain, North Carolina, the setting of his novel One Second After.

Have you read this book? Do you like reading about the survival of man after a holocaust of some type?


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  1. If you are curious about the group, you don't have to read the book to check us out and join in the discussion! We also talk about other sci-fi related things, like movies, television shows, and whatever suits our fancies that evening.

    As noted, we meet this Friday evening at the Lewisville IHOP on I-35, which is the closest IHOP to Vista Ridge Mall. We meet at 7:30 pm, order our favorite meals or munchies, and go until we're tired of talking. (Usually around 9pm or 9:30pm, depending on the group energy that day or how many other groups are meeting in the same room.)

    If you want more information, leave a comment, and the blog owner will make sure that your message is directed to one of us if he can't answer it himself.

    See you there!


  2. Thank you for filling in that info, Heather. Got to thinking about another task before I finished the one at hand. Tell Mr. Barber and the rest of the crew "Howdy" and ya'll have a Merry Christmas!


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