December 5, 2012

THE HOBBIT Is Ushered In With THE LORD OF THE RINGS Marathons!


You have an opportunity to see the entire LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY the weekend before THE HOBBIT opens. Select DFW theaters will be showing all three movies, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, THE TWO TOWERS, and THE RETURN OF THE KING on Saturday, December 8, and some will even show them again on Sunday, December 9. Be sure and check with the different theaters because some have different prices and prizes.

The following week on December 14 you can see how it all began with a return to Peter Jackson’s vision of Middle-Earth. I think that I’ll be hitting the High Frame-Rate 3D showing at an IMAX at midnight. There are also supposed to be some cool swag at a lot of these premieres, so check with the theater websites to see what’s up for grabs.

Will you stand in line at midnight? Will you go see the HFR version or is standard good enough for you?


  1. That is awesome. I wish our local cinema would do that as well. I'd love to "refresh" with the LOTR trilogy before I finally see The Hobbit.

  2. I don't know why I asked that. I forget most people may not have a chain theater near them. Heck, I grew up in a community like that! Sorry, Felix, if you can't find anything close to you.


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