February 11, 2010

Ideas for Valentine’s Day



If you’re like me, you wait until the last minute to even begin thinking about Valentine’s Day! If you didn’t, then congratulations. You’re either very well organized and aware of what day it is, or you’re Koothrappali of Big Bang Theory!


So, for the rest of us, I’ve put together this little list of folks who have compiled lists. That’s right, let someone else do the work for me. BARRETT.VALENTINES.2010.1

Starting off with the card. Women can put a lot of emphasis on a card. “That’s okay, dear. I’ll be happy with just a card.” If she gives you that line, then don’t scrimp. The cards below are not for sale (I didn’t see a link or a checkout), but you can probably show her the picture and still win her over. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Click on the picture to be taken to Jason Stowe’s website and tell him how great they are!

The following are three blogs that I ran across that give a diversified list of gifts for the most discriminating fanboy or fangirl. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, yeah, shoot me a post about what you’re significant other got for you or if you’re Koothrappali, what you bought yourself!

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