February 18, 2010

Moments from ConDFW 2010

I’ve finally gotten the energy and time to write about my evening at ConDFW 2010 this past week. Friday was the only evening I had available so I asked Tom from work if he would like to check it out. I dropped the wife off her parents with the baby and Tom and I headed over to the Crowne Plaza. Had a great time and got to meet some great folks, some I already knew and some I didn’t. Check out the pics here and the links below, and if you have any to share, send them to me.
Crowne Plaza Suites in Dallas Crowne Plaza Suites in Dallas
Crowne Plaza Suites in Dallas James Pickering with Steampunk hat and goggles
Henry Melton James Pickering & R. K. Milholland
Gloria Oliver Kerry Tolan
Ciara Gold T. M. Hunter
Enjoyed meeting R. K. Milholland, Henry Melton, Gloria Oliver, and the fine folks at the Champagne Publishing table, Kerry Tolan, Ciara Gold, and T. M. Hunter.


  1. Hey! It was great seeing you again and getting the scoop and the baby. Glad you had a good time. Love the Hat!!

  2. It was great to see you again as well! I can't wait to start reading your book!

  3. Great meeting you! I loved your energy and discovering your fun site.

  4. Thank you, Ciara! I had a blast and am looking forward to maybe working with you and your fellow authors in the future!


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