February 9, 2010

Local Ghost Hunter Organizations

Ghost Hunters Had a customer come in the store the other day and purchase a book on local Texas haunts. It reminded me of an article that I had intended on doing several months back. At the job I had worked at before, there were several folks that I worked with that were big fans of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. I admit that I was one of them, but not as much as Tim and Maria. I watch the the show on a semi-regular schedule though with my DVR. I would love to get the magazine at our bookstore but for now it only seems to be available in the northeast, but I’m still looking into it.

All of this got me to thinking about local organizations that do the same thing and so I set off tracking them down. I think that I’ve weeded out the ones that haven’t posted in a while and have current content. There also seem to be  some that are hokey, but fun so I included them as well. Do you know of any sites, local to Dallas and Ft. Worth or even to your own area, if you're outside DFW or the state? Let me know and I’ll put your submissions in a directory here on the site. I will also continue to keep everyone updated as I add more.

National Sites

Texas Sites

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