March 11, 2010

All-Con 2010 Has Arrived

And another year has come and gone. This is the convention that started this website. Ah, I can remember it as if it were yesterday. My wife had a Saturday together BB (before baby) and I was checking things out online to see what was happening. I noticed a friend of mine on FaceBook saying that she was headed to All-Con and I figured it had to be pretty close if she was just now leaving. Did a quick search and found the website and got really excited when I saw who was going to be there. We stopped for lunch and headed out with camera in hand.

The last time that I had been to a convention was in 1988 up in Milwaukee. I was in the Navy and found out that GenCon was going on and had to go. Met Gary Gygax (God rest his soul), Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell and the model who posed for one of Caldwell’s more famous pieces. I remembered the thrill of meeting all these people who loved the same things that I loved and wanted to share ideas and talk about it ad nauseam.

That’s the feeling that I had all day that day in March of last year. I told my wife that I never wanted to lose that feeling so that is why I started this blog. I look at this blog as a hub (thank you Tom for the word) of information for anyone in Dallas who loves scifi, fantasy, comic books, a little horror, gaming, rpgs, and just about anything geeky. I will have been doing this for a year on March 20 which coincides with Boomerang Comics 2nd anniversary party which I’ll tell about in another post.
So, I really have to say “thank you” to All-Con for lighting the fire in me, one that I haven’t had in over 20 years.

Unfortunately, I won’t be going this year due to me now having a job. Yay, I can afford but don’t have the time as opposed to last year having the time but not affording it (I went anyway). If you can find the time, send me photo links so I can enjoy the show and I’ll post them here with your permission.

All-Con 2010
Photos from All-Con 2009


  1. My wife and I will be there on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I am leading a panel discussion about self publishing and doing a reading/discussion on Saturday at 7PM at the con.

    Hope to see some cool people there.

  2. I really hate to miss it this year, but if things go well over the next couple of months, I might be able to afford to go more often. Ya'll have a great weekend!


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