March 26, 2010

New Moon DVD Release Party was a blast!

For a guy who is not into the whole sparkly vampire thing, I really enjoyed myself last Friday night. If you missed it, March 19th the Borders in Lewisville hosted a New Moon DVD release party and invited everyone out to celebrate. In attendance was one old beat-up, red Chevy pick-up owned by local girl, Sterling Biegert.

Things kicked off about 9:30 when the Biegerts arrived with the truck. There was already a crowd waiting outside in anticipation, even the staff kept asking where they were. Once we got them parked, a line was formed and for a small donation you could actually sit inside and pretend you were Bella. Some folks even brought there own props and I don’t know how many times I heard the line “I sat where Robert Pattinson sat” or how many times they took pictures of the dent in the left rear fender.

Inside the Borders Books, there were games and refreshments and at quarter to midnight another line formed and the countdown started. Many folks went home that night satisfied as well as the staff. Even the ones who dreaded the night full of teens actually enjoyed themselves.

About 11pm, we got an unexpected visit from a caretaker. His name was also James and he was driving a lovely Cadillac hearse that they use for limousines. James tells me that they were doing a promo down at the local Blockbuster and the folks down there kept talking about the truck being up at our store. He says that once the shift was over they made a bee line to our location to see it. Thanks for dropping by James. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of James but I did get video of the car.

I got to speak with Sterling’s mom, Dara, at length about the whole truck thing and she loves seeing the enjoyment that her daughter receives from it. Sterling got the truck as a birthday present, and it was decided that she could do some good with it for charity. The money goes to two local charities benefiting children and abused women thus helping in the local vicinity. They’ve taken it to Hollywood and Hillywood, the latter being a website which I’ll link at the bottom. They always trailer the truck if it’s going to have to travel far, but I’ll admit the truck is in great shape. It gets regular maintenance and sports a new transmission. Supposedly, Kristin Stewart didn’t know how to drive a standard, so they put in an automatic. Dara jokes that she wishes they had put in power steering, too. It sports autographs from some of the actors and actresses and as I looked at them, I overheard Sterling telling the folks in line about her meeting the cast and describing each and every one. She seemed to be in her element as the center of attention and Dara told me that Sterling hopes to be on Broadway someday. Here’s hoping you make it!

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  DSC01936  DSC01937

The Hillywood Show


I’ve got video, but I’m having trouble with the Youtube Account. Let me find another way to host them and I’ll put them up as soon as I can!

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