March 7, 2010

Treasure at the Bookstore!

Got what was left of our tax refund and went out to eat. We’ve been really good as of late and had been eating at home like we should. We were amazed how much we got back because the majority of it paid some back taxes completely off and we’ll still had a nice little sum left!
Took the wife and kid out to Friday’s (it’s her favorite) and then cruised down to the Half-Price Books to sell some and browse. I made the mistake of going by the “Nostalgia Case”. Someone had sold off some of their old D&D books.  Some of the covers were hidden but I recognized the color right away. Ended up walking away with “Dungeons & Dragons Basic Vol. 1” and best of all “The Keep on the Borderlands.” Glad we decided to get out of the house.

Except for the blemishes on the covers and some stain along the edges of the pages, these are in great shape. They’ll go along fine with my others and soon I’ll have a complete set of the early years!
D&D Basic Set Vol. 1 Keep on the Borderlands - B2
D&D Expert Set and Modules plus Eldritch Wizardry

 Raydeen of the Shogun Warriors
  Question: Is there something from your childhood that you would love to replace? A favorite book, game, or toy? One that I would really love to get my hands on is “Raydeen” of the Shogun Warriors. What’s yours?

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