July 17, 2013

CARNIEPUNK Tour Starts With Dinner

Join authors Jaye Wells, Mark Henry, Nicole Peeler, and Liliana Hart Thursday July 25, 2013 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in the North Park Mall for a little food and vino before the book signing at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park. Dinner is at 5 PM and you pay for your own. RSVP is for head count purposes. Once the meal is finished, all will proceed to B&N for the signing which will start at 7 PM. Registration will end July 25th at 4 PM.

P1000075I met Jaye Wells back in the Fall of 2009 when she was promoting her first book, Red-Headed Stepchild. I had met her at FenCon and remembered her when she came in the Borders Bookstore that I worked at to drop off book marks. She eventually became an author that my wife loved to read and an occasional Twitter acquaintance with a wicked sense of humor. Her five-volume Sabina Kane series kept my wife occupied for a long time. You can check out her new novella Meridian Six available online.

Nicole Peeler writes the Jane True series of novels concerning Jane True who is only half human and begins with Tempest Rising. Characters and creatures in this series run the gamut from vampires to succubi to kelpies! If paranormal romance is your thing, then check this one out.

So, his bio says that he went from helping scarred minds to scarring minds. Not a bad career choice. Mark Henry’s first novel was called Happy Hour of the Damned and concerns the life, or afterlife, of undead celebrity Amanda Feral. I thought “Zombie Love” was pushing the envelope but I seem to have forgotten about “Zombie Glamour.”

A short career as a music teacher gives Liliana Hart experience to add flavor to her Addison Holmes Mystery Series, which is just one of many books that tout her name. Kill Shot was just recently released and the first chapter is available for reading on her website.

Carniepunk_out_July232013These folks will be signing copies of CARNIEPUNK at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park, but they are only a small representation of all of the authors, including Rachel Caine! Kevin Hearne, who is one of Jaye’s homies (his word) and a contributing author, does a really great write-up on the book here.

Check it out! There should still be some reservations and if you can’t make dinner, come to the book signing.

CARNIEPUNK is set for release July 23, 2013.

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