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Pocket Sandwich Theatre Presents STAR TRIP II–HATS OF HORROR

Pocket-Sandwich-Theatre-presents-Star-Trip-II_112306If you like the theatre, but aren’t a snob about it, check out Pocket Sandwich Theatre and their production of STAR TRIP II – HATS OF HORROR. Written by Joe Porter and directed by E. Lee Smith, STAR TRIP II is a sequel to 2010’s STAR TRIP. It opens at 8:00 PM on Thursday through Saturday, 7:00 PM on Sunday and runs through August 17, 2013. Click here for the Pocket Sandwich Website and more info.

Also, take note that they have two shows in their Late Night Comedy slot that may be of interest to adult geeks.

Captain Kurt, Smok, Spotty, and others return in “Star Trip II,” another of The Pocket’s infamous, boo-hiss-throw popcorn melodramas. The crew of the Star Ship Compromise must foil the diabolically maniacal plans of a monstrous villain while dealing with a divisive situation. Will they make it in time?!! ~Pocket Sandwich Theatre