July 10, 2013

HEROES OF COSPLAY Reveals the World of Competitive Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay Syfy Cover PhotoOr, so they say. I never really thought it was that competitive, just that folks liked dressing as their favorite characters. Then, again, I don’t dress up, so maybe this show will actually make me more aware. I know that they have a competition-style show on TBS called KING OF THE NERDS, but I’ve never watched it, mainly because I’ve gotten rid of our cable to save money and keep my three year-old from becoming a vegetable. Has anyone else ever watched that show? I see that it’s coming back in 2014, so it must have had some audience.

Yaya Han Costumer CollageAnyway, this looks to be a six-part documentary on the world of cosplay and the “competitiveness” that goes on at the cons. It will follow nine cosplayers of all skill levels as they “put their imagination and skills to the test to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay.” So far, Yaya Han is the only name I recognize, but I will be researching the others and tweeting and Facebooking about them.

Really. Is it the competition or is it the reward of doing a costume right that makes people enjoy it? I just look at something like this and think the film makers are trying to sensationalize it and make it something that it’s not. How do you feel about the show? Are you a cosplayer? Let me know what you think.

The show is called HEROES OF COSPLAY and airs Tuesday, August 13th at 9:30 central on the Syfy Channel.

Heroes of Cosplay – Syfy

Heroes of Cosplay – Facebook

Heroes of Cosplay (@HeroesOfCosplay) – Syfy Twitter


I had a tweet from Heroes of Cosplay (@HeroesOCosplay) which is the actual cosplayers themselves and not the show. It clears up the “competitive cosplay) statement.

I thank them for the reply and truly look forward to seeing the show. Follow the cosplayers at:

Heroes of Cosplay: Unofficial Cast Blog

Heroes of Cosplay: Unofficial Cast Blog Twitter Account (@HeroesOCosplay)

Heroes of Cosplay: Unofficial Cast Blog Facebook Page

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