August 31, 2013

71st WorldCon / LoneStarCon 3 Day 2

These are the continuing journeys of me, James Pickering, and Les Webster of The Fellowship of the Geeks, as we ply the crowds at our first 71st World Science Fiction Convention or known as Lone Star Con 3!

P1030039After a late start, Les and I headed out for a little lunch before hitting the con. Our choice of eateries was a little place called Schilo’s Delicatessen. This place has been in San Antonio close to a hundred years and has a great German history. On top of that, great food! After stuffing our faces, we headed out.

We took the street level, instead of taking the River Walk. Don’t why, but it seemed to be less humid at street level. Probably less breeze blowing through the lower area that the walk is located in. Either way, we arrived in much better shape (less sweaty) than we did the day before.

P1030045Today we hit panels. Les had a few that he wanted to hit and I checked out a few on the publishing industry. In between I bought a few books and talked to my friend Gloria Oliver. The night ended with the Shindig. Folks were everywhere dressed up in their best finery. The basic idea was to recreate the dance in the Firefly episode “Shindig.” San Antonio dance caller Lissa Bengtson and the band Lost and the Nameless Orchestra provided the music. Participants of all dance skills were taught the dance steps and then were turned loose. I got some great video and photos of costume winners to upload.

I’m trying to tweet more of what I’m doing and will be working on that tomorrow. If you want to follow the proceedings, you can follow me at @Galaxy_Dallas. If you have a Twitter account you can search the hashtags #WorldCon and #LoneStarCon to keep up with all of it, also. Stay tuned for more!

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