August 22, 2013


IMG_1255What better way than to celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday than to, also, celebrate comic books themselves! August 28, 2013, which would have been Jack’s 96th birthday, is the fourth annual READ COMICS IN PUBLIC DAY and started out as an effort to promote comic books and comics readership. Brian Heater and Sarah Morean of The Daily Cross Hatch, no longer published, decided to set aside a day when we would let strangers watch us do our thing; read comics!

This year, I will be doing my part in San Antonio at the World Science Fiction Convention, but I will make sure that I’m at a mundane location when I do it. Some folks will have meet-ups at a Starbuck’s and offer up issues of comics for others to read. How will you celebrate it? Know of any places that have plans such as the ones I mentioned? Let me know!

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