August 8, 2013

A Visit To The New Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

IMG_1956Well, we got our first look at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema today when we went to see FORBIDDEN PLANET. In amazing CINEMASCOPE! The way it was intended.

They are doing a soft-opening which means they are doing their thing, but there may be some last minute construction going on. Pardon their dust. They are putting into place a few last minute items and there will be a VIP soiree and ribbon-cutting this evening, but I’ve held off on taking any photos until they get their Sunday best on.

The movie was great and I got fried pickles for an appetizer. Very nice! Plenty of room even for a couple of big guys sitting next to each other. The small theater makes it more intimate and the sound is excellent. You’ll also not get your normal previews with this theater. Nope, we were treated to an old Star Wars-themed music video with dancing 3POs and Vaders.

I’m looking forward to more movie themes and special events from these guys. If you have been to the parking lot parties, then you know what to expect! Welcome to Dallas, Alamo Drafthouse!.

Simon, Nick, & Edgar at Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz double feature.

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