August 27, 2013


That’s right folks, the 71st Annual World Science Fiction Convention or as we in Texas will call it, LonestarCon 3 is happening, August 29th through September 2nd and guess whose going? Aside from the name, there is a lot to keep up with!

LoneStarCon 3Major guests include Ellen Datlow who was editor of Omni Magazine in the ‘80s. My grandmother would pick up a copy for me every time she went to the grocery store. I even still have a copy or two around here somewhere. Another name that I recognized is one that you may, also. James Gunn who is directing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be on hand as a special guest. Maybe we’ll hear some news that hasn’t made it anywhere else! Other guests include Willie Spiros, Norman Spinrad, and Toastmaster Paul Cornell, the only person to ever be nominate for a Hugo in prose, television, and comics. Special guests will be singer Leslie Fish and Joe R. Lansdale, with an honorary memorial guest spot for artist Darrell K. Sweet, who passed away after being booked for the show.

Then after that, you have hundreds of other guests that will be in attendance and masquerades, symposiums, book club gatherings, a film festival, the presentation of the Hugo Awards, a tour of Robert E. Howard’s home, and exhibits. Some of my favorites are:

  • Firefly Shindig Contradance
  • Masquerade
  • Hugo Awards Ceremony
  • Space Cowboy Exhibit with a replica of the USS Enterprise Bridge
  • British SF Exhibit hosted by Paul Cornell
  • TSR/Dungeons and Dragons Art Exhibit
  • The Texas-Israeli War of 1999 – I’ve got my copy of the novel

There’s just so much to do! I will be taking photographs and on-the-scene noob reports, so look for all that when I get back!

Is anyone else headed to World Con? Want to meet up?

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