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Located just north of downtown Garland, A Galaxy Called Dallas is your new Favorite Local Comic Shop! We carry everything a growing fanboy or fangirl needs and if we don't have it in stock, we can get it quickly. We offer a subscription service for the comics fan, an Honor Roll program for students in grades K-6, and even discount programs for teachers. Events are scheduled throughout the week and range from game nights to special interest clubs. Come see us on the southwest corner of North Garland Avenue and Belt Line Road in the North Star Crossing shopping center near Nickelrama and Sali's Pizza.

Did you go? TwiCon Sold Out!

So, I was perusing some of the local websites and found one that listed the convention as sold out. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this. The convention, just to walk through the doors, is $255 per person. The hotel room is cheaper at $139. Then once you get in, photo ops are $40 per person and as high as $60. And those spots are limited to about 65 people. Am I just aghast at the money involved because I’m not that big a fan or is it really that ludicrous. Now, I’ve spent money before on things like autographed photos and it was hard to watch that $20 bill go bye-bye, but I only paid $15 to get in to the place. If I had paid $255, they better be throwing autographs at me. Let me hear what you think!