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The Clueless Run Amok in Shadowrun

Tuesday nights are my night to run in the Shadows and me and the crew
have a ball. For those that don't know, Shadowrun is a role-playing game like
Dungeons & Dragons, where you roll up a character and play them in scenarios.
This one takes place in the future where magic has come back to the planet.
So, in addition to computers and sci-fi gadgets, you get elves, dwarves, orks,
trolls, and magic. I happened to be cruising the web looking for websites with
cool SR content and came across this site. It's a little old, but I told the guys
that they should find some of the stories familiar. It's kind of like the Darwin
awards for Runners. I also found this site that lists most of the books that
were published for each version of the rules and then, there is this site, a wiki
for the Sixth World. Enjoy.