June 16, 2009

Indiana Jones V - Shia LaBeouf says so

So according to Shia LaBeouf, Steven Spielberg has started penning another Indiana Jones.
There seems to be as much dissent about a new movie as there was about the last one. Many
people think that the franchise should be left alone. Quite a few did not like Crystal Skulls and
think that for that reason it should die. I for one love Indiana Jones in every movie. Yes,
Indy is old and that was the main point of the last movie. Heroes get old and they die. Another
point that people didn't like was aliens. Well, folks this movie takes place in the 50's and the
dawning of the atomic age, so you have aliens. I think that CS left it kind of obvious that
Shia would take over as Indiana, but I could be wrong. I for one loved CS because I did not
go into the movie theater with preconceptions about it. I enjoyed it as a fantastic story with a lot
of action and I was not disappointed. What about you? Did you hate it? Love It? Want to see
another? Want to see Mutt's heart ripped out by a Thugee Priest? Let me know.

Shia LaBeouf says that a new Indiana Jones movie is in the works | SCI FI Wire

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