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New Sci-fi and Fantasy TV Season

Sci Fi Wire has released a must-see list of shows for this summer. I
have to admit I am looking forward to the return of Eureka, Ghost
Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. I saw an episode of
Primeval and will probably pick that one up. I've also seen episodes of
Torchwood and loved it, but it's hit and miss on when it airs in my
area, so if I can find it, I'll watch. I loved Christopher Eccleston as
Doctor Who in 2005 but I'm not real sure about the new guy, Dave
Tennant. I may give him another chance and I'll always be a fan of

I'd watch True Blood, but I won't splurge for HBO. My wife and her best friends are big fans of
the books and I've read the first one and will probably read the rest because they take place in a
make-believe place that is supposedly located near where I grew up in North Louisiana. I
recognize alot of the places in the book. As for the rest of the shows, I may record them and then
watch just to see. I have been known to watch for about 10 minutes and then delete something.

Give me your views and let me know what you will be watching, that way I know what news to keep up with.

TV roundup: Every sci-fi and fantasy show to watch this summer | SCI FI Wire