June 19, 2009

Red Dawn Remake Due to Hit Theaters September 24, 2009

I'm really getting tired of seeing every movie from the past thirty years being
scrutinized to see if it can make money as a remake. There are just movies
that don't need to be remade. Now, it's different if it's a retelling. If you take
the story and change some of the elements and make it new and fresh, then
I have no problem with it. I'm really worried about this one. I loved it when it
came out. To me and my friends, it was what the Breakfast Club was to others.
No, we don't live in a compound in the woods, though we did grow up in the
woods of north Louisiana. What movie remake are you most dreading?

The ‘Red Dawn’ Remake Adds Two More To Its Cast; Tony Gilroy Rewriting Script

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