June 15, 2009

Lewisville Gamestop to host Ghostbusters Game Release

Just found this out a little earlier from Neal Rhone of Boomerang Comics. Gamestop #688 at
Vista Ridge Village which is right across from Vista Ridge Mall will be hosting a midnight release party.
Team members from Terminal Reality, the game's designer, will be in attendance as well
as many members of official Ghostbusters Fan Clubs. They will also have the restored
Ecto-1 on site. If my sources are correct, they will also be showing the movies. Sorry
that I did not find out about this sooner, but here ya go. If you get pictures or just want
to tell me about your visit, shoot me an email at agalaxycalleddallas@gmail.com
Gamestop #688
565 E FM 3040
Lewisville TX, 75067 US
(972) 459-1828

Ghostbusters | Ghostbusters Summer – The Midnight Game Release Parties! [UPDATE June 12th] | protoncharging.com

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