October 16, 2013

Dallas Summer Musicals Presents LORD OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING in Concert

LOTR_185x290Dallas Summer Musicals will present LORD OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING with the Dallas Pops providing the score! There will be three performances starting November 8 thru November 10, 2013. Be sure and check the Dallas Summer Musicals site for more information.

This is going to be a most amazing event. The musical score for the Peter Jackson movies is awesome enough on the big screen, but to be there while it is played live . . . . I must have tickets! Go over to Red Carpet Crash for a chance to win free tickets.

I got a chance to see Star Wars: In Concert with Anthony Daniels back in 2009 and it was a spectacle to behold, but you only got clips from the movie. This will be the movie in it’s entirety. I really need to get some money together!

Be sure and follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtags #LOTRDSM or #LordOfTheRingsDSM.

LORD OF THE RINGS IN CONCERT is presented by Dallas Summer Musicals November 8-10 at Music Hall at Fair Park.

Content Warning: Rated PG-13

Run Time: 3 hours 30 minutes (including intermission)

Composer Howard Shore brings J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary imagination to vivid life with his Academy®- and Grammy® Award-winning score to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Shore’s music expresses Peter Jackson’s film as an immense symphonic work—a uniquely developed vision drawn from centuries of stylistic tendencies.

The music of The Lord of the Rings is counted among film music’s most complex and comprehensive works. This unique performance sets the score to the film, but allows the music to bear the narrative weight, creating a wholly new and dramatic live concert experience.

Shore’s score not only captures Fellowship’s sweeping emotion, thrilling vistas and grand journeys, but also echoes the very construction of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Styles, instruments and performers collected from around the world provide each of Tolkien’s cultures with a unique musical imprint. In operatic fashion, these musical worlds commingle, sometimes combining forces for a culminated power, other times violently clashing… and always bending to the will of the One Ring and its own ominous family of themes.

Says Howard Shore, “My first score for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, was the beginning of my journey into the world of Tolkien and I will always hold a special fondness for the music and the experience." -Doug Adams

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