October 16, 2013

Ideas for Women’s Halloween Costumes

Ada Lovelace costume from Take Back HalloweenIn this day and age, Halloween for adults can be labeled as “Sexy.” Sometimes, the inappropriate labels make it to the children’s costumes, but fortunately those are mistakes. We hope. If you don’t want to dress sexy, or maybe just don’t feel it that particular Halloween, then you have to really be creative or just go as your boss, again.

But, I found a website a few weeks back while strolling Twitter that may help you in the creative department. Take Back Halloween! is labeled as “A costume guide for women with imagination.” And it does have some great costumes for you to check out. These are all women who appear throughout history, though not very much in the history books about them, or in mythology. For instance, the latest one is Ada Lovelace who was a friend of Charles Babbage. While he invented the Analytical Engine, she was the one who saw more of what it might do in the future. If you wanna get real out there, you could say she foresaw Skynet.

So, yeah, you’ll find pirates, Egyptian princesses, female spies, or even Brighid, Celtic goddess, but if they are seen as sexy, it will be in a different light than what the strippers are wearing. Besides, I always had a thing for Marie Curie. Check out the site and let me know what your favorites are?

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