October 21, 2013

Roll2Play Hosts an (un)Murder Mystery Dinner–Welcome to the ZombiePlex

***UPDATE*** As of 10/30/2013

This event has been post-poned until further notice. Keep your eyes and ears here and we’ll get you back on track.


The crew out at Roll2Play are always having fun and here’s something for the zombie lovers out there. “Who Killed Butcher Bob?” is the latest in the (un)Murder Mystery events and it’s going to be a good one! It will take place Saturday November 2, 2013 at 6 PM at Roll2Play in Coppell. You can get more info on the Facebook (un)Murder Mystery Dinner – Welcome to the ZombiePlex event page.

Murder Mystery Gang from Roll2Play

I have yet to go to one of these due to being a single father now, but I might be able to swing a babysitter (figuratively) and make it. I’ve heard that Tiffany Franzoni and her group put on great events and so, I’ve been jonesing to make it. If you’ve been to one of their events before, tell us what is was like!

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